What Are keywords

Many people are confused about keywords? To put it down keywords are the words that notify the search engines what the website is all about. To be more clear keywords are the similar words that web surfer’s type in search engine query box to locate what they are searching for. The actual trick is look for good words or phrases that gets a maximum number of searches each month but which has less amount of competition so that you are liable to appear at the top in the search engines rankings.
Finding the correct SEO keywords for the website is perhaps one of the very important factors of planning the website and your online business. Getting right keywords can actually mean a great deal of quality traffic to your website. Get the wrong keywords and your business is most likely fail.
Now to include correct keywords in the content, keyword research is most important. One needs to study and research for the keywords that are relevant to your product and business. When the search engine robots crawl the content and they found your web content irrelevant to your website, your entire content will be considered as spam. Now these website keywords are of various types: keywords, long tail keywords and keyword phrases.
For an example, let’s consider topic say jewellery. A single word that covers a very broad topic is known as a keyword or seed keyword. For the above topic, the seed will be “gold jewellery”. “Artificial jewellery” or “best pearl jewellery” would be your keyword phrases. These are normally two-three word phrases that are more precise within your niche. “pearl jewellery for bride” or “best black pearl jewellery” would be your long tail keywords. These types of keywords tend to be little longer phrases with a focused attention on searching specific information.
After a good research about your market, decide on single main keyword phrase or your long tail phrase that you plan for your website content. This is the word that you will utilize for the anchor text links and any kind of marketing or endorsement for your site. This way the keywords play a vital role in attracting quality traffic to your website. Along with the correct keywords it also necessary to understand the keyword density. That is how many keywords should be included in the entire content. Unnecessary stuffing of keywords in the content may lead to failure of website content.

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