What is Google AdSense

What is Google AdSense exactly? It is Google’s Pay per click publisher program. Many advertisers use this technique of AdWords program to promote the websites. Advertisers generate Ads in AdWords program and these ads then are demonstrated across the partner network. The partners are the publishers those participate in the AdSense program.

Making money by means of Google AdSense is one of the simplest ways to make money online. You do not have to own any brand or products. All you need to do is to set up websites, understand and learn how to get targeted traffic, and you can simply start making money online almost instantly.

To join this AdSense program, you require being the owner of as a minimum of one website. Your website must be content driven. You can join the program as a publisher and once you are accepted, you are able to copy and paste few code snippets into your site. Google ads will start to show up shortly. Whenever anyone visits your site and clicks upon an ad, you are paid some portion of the total advertising revenue.

Here are few tricks and tips to become a successful AdSense publisher:

  • Learn to drive targeted traffic: You should learn how to drive targeted and quality traffic. Avoid driving traffic from any of the sources. Targeted traffic comprises traffic from blogs, forums, communities and search engines. Remember of the traffic does not get convert well for advertisers, the AdSense account may get terminated. As long as the driven traffic has been pre-qualified, the chances of success are high.
  • Place your ads in a vastly visible area: Do not hide or put your ads somewhere at the bottom of the posts if you really want to increase the CTR. Place the ads above, if possible try to place the ads right in the middle of your content so that it is ensured that the website visitors won’t miss it. If visitors decide not to click, it’s fine. As long as your ads are visible, you will obtain a reasonable CTR.
  • Write proficient articles: Do not publish low or bad quality content. Your content should generate value for the website visitors. For example, you can add reviews about your products in the niche that you want to target. This will help potential customers to make buying decisions rapidly. This is great for the advertisers since the advertisers always need traffic that will convert well. Besides this, you constantly get high search engine rankings if you write good and quality articles.

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